Radiation Food and Water

How important is food and water in a situation like this?

Food and water are very important and are keen resources that can determine your survival in a situation like this.

Foods that are safe to eat

Vegetables like potatoes,radishes,carrots,etc

Canned Food

Livestock not affected by Radiation

Is canned food safer?

A study was done with two materials, tin and glass. They were both capable of withstanding the effects of the nuclear radation and were deemed to safe to consume the products withing them.

How will I know if food and water are safe to consume

Radiation will take about 28 to 33 years to leave water sources.

You cannot tell if something is contamiated without the access to expensive eqiupment.

When consuing meat it is best to leave an inch of meat on the bone.

In studies conducted by the Federal government, it has been determined that most of our food supplies would be usable after a nuclear attack.

Water systems might be affected somewhat by radioactive fallout, but the risk would be small, especially if a few simple precautions are taken.

Water stored in covered containers and water in covered wells would not be contaminated after an attack, because the fallout particles could not get into the water.